The PC, or Player Character is the character that every player of The Black Crown Project controls. Documented here is what we know of them.


The PC is short-statured, and has a red tooth in their mouth. The PC is very likely of Asian descent, as suggested by their fascination with rubies, the fact they brought many rubies with them, and from what's been learned so far.


Though it is possible to claim your people were atheist, monotheist or polytheist, the PC claims "Your gods give terrible punishments to those who steal from the dead.", thereby suggesting the player lived in a polytheistic society -- in this case, perhaps their religion is best described as Chinese folk.

They believe in astrology:

"Right there, above that brighter cluster. It is dim, and broken, but you recognise it; it is your family's star. Your mother and father used to tell you that it was one of your ancestors, but they had forgotten who, in all the intervening centuries. [...] You try to remember what you learnt as a child; that stars, however much they dislike it, form pictures."


"You look up to the sky, instead. The stars, of course, are very, very beautiful. You do not imagine that there is a people in the entire world that think that they are evil, or ugly. You try to pick out your forefathers, but they are all athrown. You cannot recognise any of them."

Society Edit

The following is known through internal confirmation by the PC:

Their society used the plough and the process of tilling. They ate pig as a child. They always loved walking in the woods as a child. They tamed dogs: "You know the dog well; your people had dogs, and there are many stories about how they first cautiously approached the firelight, and were snatched to make strained soup."

The PC's society may have been destroyed and rebuilt: "Your society had just rediscovered the plant, and were pickling it in glass bottles for special occasions."

Your people were not uncivilised. They knew about livestock, about the fritzing, the pickling, the deliming, the thousand transformation that skin went through to make clothing. Skin was still skin. You had been given scraps of it fried, when you were a baby.


The PC may have journeyed with the Eremite on the SS SORGO. "She hated water so much that you were sure she had never been aboard a boat. You had, when you were much younger. Did you remember that?"