The picture which lead to the naming of SORGO Beach.

SORGO Island is the community-given name for the primary setting that the endgame takes place in.

Setting Edit

Mostly likely an island. It is dry and possesses strong wind which makes a SSSSSS sound through the PC's gound. There are four suns here, rarely setting.

Information Edit

A large vessel bearing the letters SORGO was shipwrecked on the shore of this beach. It is unknown whether SORGO Island is truly an island or not, but the frequent mentions of wind suggest it is. There is a strong smell of fish.

The Eremite can be found here after the tidal wave, in a tent of the deepest black canvas. At one end of the canvas is the shrouded outline of a huge globe -- the study of a planet -- and from the other end pours all of the sunset light that the PC has been following. green red blacklight


The SS SORGO is a large vessel, pictured above, which appears to have crashed into SORGO Island's shore. The cause of the crash is unknown, but it's possible that the Eremite had infected the crew that he was traveling with. A flag flutters from the top of the white castle on the ship: three bands, of green, red and black. As the SORGO's captain was portugese, it's likely this flag is Malawian.

Of the crew, we see an overweight man, most likely the captain, dead in his cabin, being feasted on by unknown creatures. A reference is made to a sneezing sailor with rope-burned hands, but the PC cannot reach them.