\\|/Superior Waft is a Senior (or Superior) Clerk. Her name does not seem to denote rank via most common House Style practices.


Superior Waft is a brown-haired woman standing about 50-70 times taller than a clerk might. Connected to a nipple of hers is a thick tube of downy skin, seasoned with the ruckings of moles and a fat opal vein. It is strong enough to fling a clerk from their desk. She appears to have an aura of pink dust around her, perhaps originating from her nethers, where a pink bush is situated.


She is described as leisurely but anxious, and a bit vain. She is very scared of stepping on any of the clerks. She may pass through if you do not signal her; it does not take her very long to leave your locale, and it takes her many hours to disappear completely, due to her size and the dullness of the landscape. If engaged, she may let you suck upon the downy nipple.


Superior Waft greatly resembles Bluetit Joan, a legendary giant woman who roamed Cornwall, England . The Eremite briefly speaks of her in the Miasma item "The Macrophile." The title "Bluetit" was given to her "because the birds liked to roost on her shoulders, and in the winter her nipples dragged on the cold sand," becoming frostbitten. The Eremite claims she created most of the landscape, "making new valleys every time she fiddled with herself." He notes her sex-noises were echoed through Kernow. He also admits that he fell in love with her.

In the time of the Romans, a king would send troops to kill her. She was very saddened by this and the killing of those men, and how Man would wish to tether her in marriage to a tiny, human prince. She brought the Eremite to a place of her ancestors in Salisbury , where they spent an entire September mourning. The Eremite would sleep inside her, but otherwise he would walk with her.


Superior Waft may reside beneath the soil of the institute. Superior Waft's ascent is announced by the sound of thousands of tiny bells played on the grave-skirts of clerks, particularly those closest to the center. The ground quakes and a loud roaring sound is heard as the ground bulges outward and deflates. A large shadow comes over you.

"You remember now. The superior, coming up from below. You try to imagine what is coming. Who is she? And why can we not look at her?" 

Superior waft has ascended.


Real-life Cornwall is noted for giants in its folklore, Jack The Giant Killer in particular.