Black crown bathetic

"__|/Clerk!||\\ Though your adherence to protocol is admirable, normal quarantine procedures between employees do not apply in the case of the Swift Bathetic. He has earned the right to touch whoever he likes. It may even mean he likes you. If his hand lingers too long, you will have to find your own way out." -- The Widsith Institute


The Swift Bathetic is one of the first characters the player will meet. He will walk the PC to Parlay's Suites. The Bathetic is a prideful creature displaying avian characteristics and personality. His art and employment in the institute suggest he was once a clerk.


The Swift Bathetic wears a rubber suit, like the other \\\Clerks///. However, his suit is covered in bird feathers. His Dutch Frame is beneath the layers of feathers, and it shows when he puffs up his chest. He is much shorter than the PC due to his hunched walk.