The trowel is a tool given as an anniversary gift to the PC when they first open the Black Crown Project folder.


"The handle is made of an old-growth wood, the wide-spaced rings revealing a stately life. You can see that before it was carpentered it suffered some sort of infection; cankers have burst and leaked a rusty algae down into the grain. The blade itself is polished, and so thin that you try to cut the rubber on the edge. It makes a deep furrow but does not split. Along the leading edge of the steel is an engraving. In amongst a cradle of vines and flowers are the words:

For My Darling

It is light enough to carry with you, and it glimmers in a way that catches the water on certain parts of your brain."


At first, the PC is told to use the trowel for excavations. This excites the PC, and they start digging under their desk, revealing ___Clerk___ Wayle . Later on, the PC uses the trowel for excavating the Eremite 's Works.